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More than a batting cage, but also a batting cage

Hitters is Spokane's most fun and welcoming batting cages for baseball and softball. Hitters offers Hittrax technology to provide instant feedback to whether that bomb was an actual home run or just a pop up to the shortstop. Hitters also offers snacks and a modest beer selection. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just want to relive your glory days, stop in at Hitters and you will be treated with the utmost respect and we promise you will have an awesome experience. Baseball is America's past time, let's keep it that way.


Instantaneous Feedback.
Unmatched Accuracy.
A Complete Player Experience.

Hitting Stats Include:

  • Exit Velocity
  • Launch Angle
  • Distance
  • Point of Impact
  • Play Outcome
  • Strike Zone Analysis

Learn more about Hittrax here


Hitters is an official retailer of the revolutionary Axe Bat! Axe Bat is the only bat built for your swing. Engineered from handle to end cap, this bat is proven to give you better bat speed, more barrel control, and explosive pop. Every purchase of an Axe Bat at Hitters comes with a free half hour in the cages to test your new toy instantly!

Large Cages!

16'x16' cages give you a non claustrophobic feeling which also gives you the feeling of confidence and power. So in turn, you hit the ball futher. It's science. The open concept also provides a large space for pitching, catching, and any drills you wish to perform. 

Comfortable Seating

Gone are the days of grandma sitting on a cold bench watching her grandson hit for hours. Sit back, watch tv, grab a drink, and soak it in. Each suite has several tables and chairs for the small group or the large party. We will even bring drinks right to you if you so wish. 

Sweet Suite

Each one of our "suites" include tables, chairs, a couple of tvs, hittrax systems, and an attitude that says "hey, I wanna come back." Our suites are separate from each other (kind of) so you can enjoy a tiny bit of privacy, except for our insistent employees that keep coming up to you asking what you need and if you are being safe. 


Our pitching machines are called Hack Attacks! Love the name, but we love the consistency even more. The machine has a ramp that feeds the balls so the batter can see the ball the whole way down, which helps with the batters timing. The three wheel system then provides very consistent pitches, down the middle 90% of the time, every time.   

Softball? YUP

We know very little about softball, but we learned very quickly that softball is HUGE in Spokane. So yes, we have softball as well. Our machines are capable of fastpitch and slowpitch. With our high cages, you won't need to worry about the pitches hitting the top of the cage! You just need to worry about hitting the ball as hard as possible. 


Getting tired of missing all the baseballs because baseball is obviously the hardest and most beloved sport. Try a much easier sport! Hitters has a beautiful Trackman Simulator with a 19' screen and a comfortable lounge area. The only reason it exists is becuase the owner wanted to work on his own game. But I guess you can use it as well. 


In case you did not already know, Hitters has a large selection of beer and ciders so you can enjoy a cold one while also reliving the days you used to be in shape.


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Do you have bats for us to use?

Yes! We supply bats for use in the cages. They are called Axe Bats and they are awesome, We have baseball, slowpitch softball, and fastpitch softball bats. (Youth and Adult bats available) We do not allow adult men to use our fastpitch softball bats. You can also use your own bats in the cages if you would like. 

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Do you have helmets?

Yes. We have all different size helmets for all different size melons.

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Can I use my wood bat?

Yes, we are just not liable if you break it. But we can hang it on our broken bat wall when you do. 

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Is there an age requirement?

No sir. All ages are allowed but keep in mind our machines can only go so slow.They can get down to around 35mph. We recommend the youngest to use the machine is 8.  We do have tees and L-screens if you want to soft toss to your kiddo. 

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I put my credit card in when I booked online. So I paid yes?

No. The credit card is only for no-show protection. You will still need to pay at the end of your cage time. 

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Does my cage have a Hittrax system?

Yuppers. We have two cages and both have Hittrax systems. 

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Is there a limit to the number of people we can have?

No but we do recommend 3-5 people per cage if you are looking to get lots of swings. A ball is thrown every 7-9 seconds. So in one hour thats . . . a certain number. I guess you can do the math. 

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Which softballs do you have?

12" .47 375 max Adult Fastpitch

12" .52 300 max USA

11" .52 300 max ASA

11' .47 375 max Youth Fastpitch

Just let us know in the notes section of your appointment which balls you prefer. 

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Can we pitch to the batter instead of using the machine?

Of course! We have L-Screens and balls for you to use. Only requirement is the pitcher must be wearing a helmet. We don't want to end up on YouTube.